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Watch Day In L.A. Video

Day In L.A.

Finally! I'm slow and so sorry, but SO HAPPY to share with you a little travel vlog about my 2 days in L.A. Not much more to say about it, just check it out :)
Watch A Color Story Video

A Color Story

It's summer, a season of colors vibrant, serious, wild, free, and fun. This summer, I feel like getting out of my comfort zone and into a more saturated world where bright colors can express my mood and my style. I want to shout out and stand out, and these yellows, blues, and greens are saying things to the world without me having to speak. I am serious and thoughtful, sweet and fun, and wild and free all at once. A Color Story is my summer cookbook style by Plato's Closet.
Watch Happy 4th of July! Video

Happy 4th of July!

Have a wonderful 4th of July friends! Hope your holiday weekend is relaxing, fun, and filled with friends and family!
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